Friday, 21 September 2012

Media Statement By si Kafir Ngeh

Media Statement By Ngeh Koo Ham :- I retract and apologise to any muslim who is offended by my tweet as it was never intended to be so.  It was 1.43am 17th Sept, after seeing world news on CNN, BBC & Al-Jazeera showing violent protest in various parts of the world where lives were lost, many injured properties gutted and unrest ensued in response to the video produced by Sam Bacile, and after reading the news in that YB Khairy Jamaluddin has planned to hold massive protes coming Friday ( 21 Sept ) with regards to the same matter that I tweeted the following words. " Khairy wants muslim protests againts Same Bacile.  For Islam or for his political gains?  Are muslims wasting to much time energy on this ?  In the context of the violent protests round the world and the many demostration to be held that I posed the question " Are muslim wasting too much time and energy on this "?  I was wondering if too much time and energy have been spent in responses to 13.5 minutes video produced by mad man in the name of Sam Bacile.  I wanted our society to think deeper with regard to the way we respond to any provocation or issue that confronts us.  I have been taugh and have emphasised to the young never to react but always to respond.  I want to make it very clear my following stands :-

1)  I  strongly condemn the video and its producer for belittling the faith/ religion of another person and reiterate support for the stand that has been taken by DAP on this issues which is contained in the media statement issued by my party's Secretary General on 16 Sept.

2) I totally support the rights of person to hold peaceful demonstrations.  In my 23 years of active political involvement, I have organized scores of demonstration in Perak.  I was arrested by police in Bersih 2.0 and was there at Bersih 3.0.  The above said tweet has now been twisted by UMNO/BN to say I belittle Islam.  This is a total lie.  However, having explain the context in which my question was posed, any muslim who still offended by the question I posed, I apologise as that was never intended.

Saper rangka statement kamu ni Ngeh!! Kamu ingat ni kes curi motor ker..dah curi tapi tak de niat nak curi..pulak dah salah kan polis pulak bila tangkap...ish ish ish..sama la kes ni kamu salahkan UMNO pulak sebab kebodohan kamu.  Tapi sebenarnya kamu nie cerdik..kamu telah menaikkan semangat umat ISLAM dan akan terus mengecam kamu sampai di akhir hayat kamu..Ingat Malaikat Maut menanti-nanti sahaja.

Sape sape pun baca statement ni...tau apa yang tersirat dalam hati kamu..kamu tak boleh tipu diri sendiri..kamu bercakap bohong..bila berbohong adalah dosa..dan bila dosa..Neraka tempatnya..Aku tau niat kamu tweet tu nak dapat sokongan orang Melayu..bukan nak dapat sokongan orang Cina..bila dapat sokongan naik la ranking kamu..boleh la jadi Menteri Besar Cina Pertama di Perak dan Pertama di Dunia....hahahaha...

kat sini juga aku letak gambar yang dikatakan si laknat Sam Bacile..antara kamu dan dia apa bezanya? kedua-duanya adalah Kafir...

tiada ucapan selamat untuk kamu.....

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  1. Ngeh BIADAP haram jadap tu dah NGARNGEH..tunggu Niza Meroyan pulak



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